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FBCR Pouch LineUp.jpg
Full Bloom is thrilled to offer new, larger, high quality packaging for our premium fresh roasted coffee!

The decision to switch to plastic pouches allows us to:

  • Keep your coffee fresher for longer

  • Keep product costs down

  • Distribute to a wider selection of local retail stores

  • Showcase our fine crafted coffee in a stylishly designed fully printed pouch

  • Export throughout Caribbean islands


Though our previously used kraft paper bags with plastic lining offered a slightly lower environmental footprint, the bags also lacked the integrity to maintain the freshness and demand the shelf space and attention our coffee deserves.

To offset the environmental impact of switching to fully plastic pouches we are pleased to offer a Refill Initiative!

Customers can bring their empty pouches back to Full Bloom Coffee Roasters headquarters at 22 Sweet Briar Rd, St Clair, and have their pouches refilled at a discounted price.

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